Carpet Cleaning Service

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Why Us?

Deep clean with
automatic carpet cleaner

Carpets are washed using proper automated conveyor machine resulting in a cleaner outcome.

Over 20 years of
laundry experience

Delicate, fragile, soft material. Rest assured; your beloved carpet will always be in good hand.

Safe Detergent for
Children (And pets)

Ensuring a good quality wash, our carpet cleaning procedure is done using high grade detergents.

what customers are saying

Ikram S.

Service sangat laju, staff sangat mesra, layanan sangat memuaskan. Iron baju cantik, setakat ni tak pernah mengecewakan, kita bagi 5 bintang,

Nadrah Iskandar
Shah Alam

Kedai dobi sini sangat laju, semua baju sangat kemas dan cantik iron. Suka cara staff terangkan cara cucian wet cleaning & ironing, ramah dengan customer.

Fauzi Abd

A very good kedai dobi. Can tell it has been here for awhile. Rate the staff 5 stars service 🤗

clean carpet, clean home

There’s something about a clean home that makes you feel better.

Opening the door to your lovely home, walking pass the living room to the bedroom. The only thought you should have is the smell of a freshly deep cleaned carpet, dust-free laundry-scented curtains, potraying a clean and safe home for you and your beloved family to live in. With us, you can feel comfortable knowing we will take good care of your laundry – without the hassle of leaving your home.